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What are SPSA Guides?

Our SPSA Pharmacy Study Guides are something extra for our members. They are a way of helping every member to get the most out of their MPharm Degree.

After all we here to encourage you both socially and academically!

The SPSA guides aim to cover basics for every year from the moment you start with no knowledge to the final year on your way to becoming a fully fledged pharmacist. 


These guides are made by students for the students and we hope they help even if it's just a little!


Bearing that in mind, let us know if you spot any mistakes or if we've missed something out.


Although we work hard to develop these we are students too so more guides may take time, but we're always happy for the help so if you want to develop a guide and share it with other students we would be grateful for the help. 


Contact us if you want to put a guide up online!

Accessing Guides

  • SPSA Pharmacy Study Guides are for SPSA MEMBERS ONLY.

  • Although anyone can view which guides we have available, to access the guides you will be required to login or sign up if you have never used them before.

  • Signing up does not mean paying again if you are already a member! We use this process to authenticate and confirm you are a SPSA Member.

  • Once you have signed up we will verify that you are an actual member of the SPSA and confirm your access as soon as possible, however this may take a while in some cases.

  • If we have not gotten back to you in several days please get in touch.

  • NOTE: Our Guides are ONLY viewable via a desktops/laptops and PCs - if you are accessing via a mobile phone or tablet you may not be able to view these.