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Why Join Us?

The SPSA is here to support you, as a Pharmacy Student!

We are dedicated to giving you the best university experience possible and to assist you in your journey as a Pharmacy Student.

In order to accomplish this, we rely on your support.

Basically, help us to help you!

To join the SPSA there is a small membership fee, depending on how many years you would like to join for.

Benefits for you:

  • Events - Some of the money we get goes towards funding some great Events. This means members get discounts on the events or even FREE entry! Look at our upcoming events

  • Pharmacy Ball - Each year we try and make the pharmacy ball bigger and better with your help. With about 300 students and staff attending each year, everyone gets a chance to have fun. Members get a discount of £5 on ball tickets. That means you get your money back each year!​  Find out more

  • Pharmacy Society Hoodies - On top of the discounts on Events and the Pharmacy Ball, members will get a discount on our famous SPSA hoodies we sell during the first term.

  • Pharmacy Student Study Guides - Over the past few years we have developed student guides made by students for students! Exclusive for SPSA members, only you will be able to access them through our website. Find out more

Why purchase a 4 Year Membership?

  • Save Money - When you buy 4 year membership you only pay for 3! That means you get a year FREE!

  • Money Back - During the 4 years if you attend every Pharmacy Ball then you'll end up not only getting you money back but actually would end up gaining £5 back!


4 Years - £15.00 (BEST VALUE)



1 Year - £5.00

*Fees aply when paying online or by card in person. Find out more